Meet the 25-year-old whose club night is now a festival, with Kano and Nelly


When William Young finished university he was “bored” – now he’s running the Strawberries & Creem festival which took place at the weekend.

“I knew nothing about running a festival,” he tells Newsbeat.

“I mean I didn’t know how to go about things like insurance, security or how many portable loos we’d need.”

The 25-year-old’s event now attracts 5,000 people – the biggest ever in 2016 – with Nelly and Kano on the bill.

Festival goers

Image caption These fans decided to wear band aids on their faces a look similar to US rapper Nelly

“I first started running events while I was studying at university in Manchester.

“When I graduated and came back to Cambridge I realised there were no large scale music events.”

William admits that the first festival took him just three months to organise – and he had to be pretty creative to get the first acts to play there.

Strawberries & Creem festival

Image caption Will (far right) and his Strawberries and Creem team

“I managed to book Shy FX and David Rodigan. We had to lie and say it was for the ‘Cambridge Medics’ so we signed the forms as that name.”

The first Strawberries & Creem event had a capacity of 1,400.

The following year 2,500.

Big Narstie

And Saturday’s event, the third year its been running, Will says more than 5,000 tickets were sold.

Acts this year included Kano, US rapper Nelly and grime artist Big Narstie.

At this weekend’s event, William says him and team, were still being taught lessons about how to organise a large scale event.

“Nelly wanted 48 towels on his rider. We didn’t have that many so we had to improvise.

“We walked around and collected all the towels we had. Cut them up and just about got away with it,” William said.

Crowd at Strawberries and Creem

William, 25, says planning for next year has already started.

“We are a really young team and we want to grow this especially after how this year went.

“We want to keep doubling every year we do it.

“Cambridge is different, we think it being here, it has a different feel. If it was anywhere else in the country it wouldn’t feel the same.”

Words via BBCNewsbeat 

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